One-Year-Old Portrait: Paxton

Date: July, 2017

Location: Meek Park, Hayward

It's always delightful to take pictures of old clients, especially when they have an adorable baby like Paxton! From the tiny newborn, to the crazy-hair-4-month-old baby, and now he's already ONE! He was so silly and active, he could not stop running around the park :) Mama Lindsey did a great job with the cake, and I'm glad we took some good shot of Paxton destroying the cake, and the candle! All in all, another fun 1-year-old portrait session. Enjoy the photos!

Fremont Family Photos: Miao & Family

Date: June 2017

Location: Shinn Park, Fremont, CA

It was a delightful late afternoon at this hidden gem in Fremont. I always love it when my clients suggest a location as I'm always scouting out places for photo shoots. This time, Miao found the perfect park with various backgrounds and settings - from barn yard to a nice little lavender field, to take photos of her lovely family. It's always a challenge taking pictures of young kiddos, but I'm happy I was able to catch some nice smiles. I had a wonderful time capturing the gathering of these 3 generations in Miao's family. 


Watch Me Grow - Baby's First Year in Portraits

Baby's first year is the most incredible time - they grow so fast and change so much! This is a portrait series for parents who want to capture their little ones at 4 different stages- newborn, 3 months, 9 months, and their first birthday. 

The series is consisted of a 2-hour newborn session, 2 half-hour sessions at 3 and 9 months, and a 1-hour 1st birthday session. 

This is a sample of the "Watch me Grow" series, capturing the precious first year of baby G. :) <3


3 Months

9 Months