Oakland Maternity Photos: Meriber & Is

Date: October 2016

Location: Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

This is going to make me sound real old, but I've known Meriber for almost 20 years! She's been a dear friend since our high school days . We've been through so much together, it's only fitting that I'll be a part of her pregnancy, capturing these beautiful moments. We first got some shots in her neighborhood with all these beautiful murals. Then we headed to Lake Merritt, where Meriber and Is got married, to finish up. I can't wait to meet their baby and see what kind of eccentric mom Meriber will become :-P

San Mateo Newborn Photos: Baby Rivaan

Date: August 2016

Location: San Mateo, CA

It's always a joy to take pictures of returning clients. From Almitra's first baby shower/maternity photos, to these newborn photos of her second baby, it is simply wonderful to witness her little family grow. I can't wait to capture more precious moments of these cute babies.

Union City Newborn & 6 Months Portraits: Baby Lucas

Dates: January & July 2016

Location: Lucas's home

It's been amazing to witness baby Lucas grow. He's been such a great model from a week old to 6 months. Working on his photos always puts a smile on my face. :) Looking forward to capture more of his milestones.

Newborn Photos

6 Months Portraits

Hayward Newborn Photos: Baby Paxton

Date: July 2016

Location: Paxton's home

The exciting part about doing newborn photos at the baby's home is that you never know what you're walking into. I always ask parents to let me know the best time to go - the time when the baby tends to eat and then take a nice long nap. However, as most parents know, babies almost seem to know when you need them to sleep or behave, and then decide to do the opposite. Baby Paxton gave mommy and daddy a hard time the night before the photo shoot by staying up all night crying. Poor baby was probably exhausted and frustrated in the beginning as I was clicking away right next to him. Thankfully, he later agreed to cooperate and fell into a deep sleep so I was able to capture his cute sleepy face. The new parents were tired, but you can clearly see the love for this little guy.

Oakland Newborn Photos: Baby Kellan

Date: June 2016

Location: Kellan's home

It's best to take newborn photos within the first 2 weeks after birth, however, it is always hard for new parents to have it together enough during this frantic time to look for, and book a photographer to do the baby's first photo shoot. Luckily, when mom reached out to schedule the shoot, I happened to have the weekend available, and newborn photo shoot is one of my favorite jobs.

Baby Kellan is one of the calmest babies I have the pleasure to photograph. He was chill and quiet even though I was constantly waking him up with the clicking noise of the camera. He gave me all kinds of adorable expressions, and I love that I was able to capture some candid moments with mommy and daddy too.

Foster City Maternity Photos: Karen, Ano & Justiniano

Date: October 2015 Location: Leo J. Ryan Park, Foster City

The back posting of photo sessions from last year continues...

The Monteiro family has been loyal supporters of Pichardo's Darkroom Photography for years. From Karen's first maternity photos, to first newborn photos of Justiniano, and now I was doing a maternity/family photo session with this beautiful family. It's always a blast to hang out with old friends and capture some precious images.

I look forward to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th maternity photo sessions with them! :P

Father's day

A father's love for their children is playful, protective, gentle, and unconditional. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to capture some of the most intimate moments of these wonderful fathers. May all the loving fathers out there get a well-deserved, happy Father's Day!

Redwood City 1st Birthday Party: Luca

Date: September 2015 Location: Redwood City, CA

Babies grow up SOOO fast! From their maternity photos, to newborn photos, and then with a blink of an eye, Luca's already 1-year-old! This big handsome boy is so adorable!


Hayward Newborn Photos: Gianni

Date: July 2015 Location: Hayward, CA

The debut of my own little baby, Gianni. He was born prematurely, so he had to stay at the NICU for a few weeks. He was about 1-month-old here. It was a different experience taking pictures of my baby because I definitely know him better, so I know when he was about to smile, or when he was going to get fussy. He was in such a deep sleep that day I was only able to get a couple pictures with his eyes opened.

San Ramon Maternity Photos: Alvina & Shaq

Date: May 2015 Location: Bollinger Canyon, San Ramon

It was lovely shooting for Alvina and Shaq for their maternity photos. It was the last photo shoot I did before I took my "maternity leave". My baby surprised us with his early arrival just 11 days after this photo shoot.

I remember planning for the shoot later in the afternoon because I wanted the sun to be lower. Little did I know that the waterfall stops running after 7pm when the sun was still quite high. I'm thankful that Alvina and Shaq were very flexible and we were able to find other scenic spots at the park.


Foster City Baby Portrait: Knox

Date: May 23, 2015 Location: Leo J Ryan Memorial Park, Foster City

It was a beautiful day to shoot Knox's one-year-old birthday portrait with his mommy and daddy. Baby Knox was busy playing and posing with his adorable toys. I love being able to capture little ones and their ever-changing expressions!

Hayward Maternity Session: Rhea & Jon

Date: March 2015 Location: Hayward Japanese Garden

It was a delight taking maternity photos for Rhea and Jon. They were expecting a baby girl and were thrilled. I remember it was a very warm day but the happy couple were going around the garden, posing for me like pros. Here are the shots from that day.

Danville Baby's 1st Birthday Portraits: Myles

Date: February 2015 Location: Sycamore Valley Park, Danville

I really need to update my blog more often with more recent works. This one is a shoot from the beginning of the year for my cute little godson's 1st birthday at Sycamore Valley Park. Myles, Sharon and I had a lot of fun hanging out. Mommy Sharon made these cute signs and put Myles in super adorable outfits. The cake smashing shots were so funny because Myles didn't even want to touch the cake because he didn't want to get his hands dirty. It was borderline torture to him when we put cream on his mouth and face, hahaha. He's just too darn cute!

Danville_baby_1st birthday_portraitDanville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait



My Very Own Baby/ Pregnancy Announcement Photo

This pregnancy announcement photo was taken back in February when I announced my pregnancy to family and friends. I had many ideas for the photo and ended up with one I loved. I envisioned my announcement photo to be personal and not generic and cliche. (sure you've seen the ones with the sonogram) The chucks with Mr Pichardo and Mrs Pichardo were made for our wedding back in 2011. It would have been perfect if I could have done the same to the infant shoes, but the smallest size I could get the embroidery was too big for my taste. I think the white infant size converse worked out quite well. Another difficult part was the placement of the shoes. I tried many different configurations of placing the shoes because I wanted to show the difference in size but also want it artistic and aesthetically pleasing. I was very satisfied with this final shot. Hope you like it too! :) Baby-pregnancy-announcement-converse-chucks

Livermore Pumpkin Patch: Wong's Family Portrait

Date: November 2014 Location: G&M Farms, Livermore, CA

It was a fun day doing some holiday photos for the Wong family! Little Myles is growing up so fast, but somethings never change - his funny facial expressions! He cracks me up all the time with that cute little face. The day was a little too sunny for my taste, but I'm glad we were able to capture some fall colors and bright smiles with this lovely family. :) Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore

Half Moon Bay Baby Shower: Almitra & Amit

Date: November 2014 Location: Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

As I'm working on the photos of Almitra and Amit's super adorable baby daughter, I just realized how behind I am with updating my blog that I haven't even posted photos from their baby shower yet! It was a fun and sweet party with many friends of the lovely couple who came to congratulate them and celebrate the impending arrival of their little sweet heart.


SF City hall Wedding: Carmen & Edwin

October 2014 Locations: SF City Hall & Mountain View, CA

It was an honor to be photographing Carmen and Edwin's intimate and fun wedding. SF City Hall is one of the most stunning buildings in the city and the ambiance and lighting there are perfect for wedding photos. The lovely couple had their ceremony in front of their families and close friends at the hall and then headed back to the south bay for a fun, intimate party. It was a great night of celebration and the newly weds were showered with much love and blessings.

SF city hall wedding SF city hall wedding Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer Bay area wedding photographer

Maternity Photos: Sherry & Michael

Date: October 2014 Location: Liang's residence & The Bridges, San Ramon

Seems like it was just yesterday I officiated Sherry and Michael's wedding and pronounced them man and wife. With a blink of an eye, they are already expecting their first child in the next couple of weeks! Even though I've always known it's not easy being a mother, but watching Sherry's difficult pregnancy definitely pushed my respect for these selfless women to a whole new level. Despite all the challenges during this time, you can clearly see the happiness and hopes this couple has for their first-born in these maternity photos. I know baby Ethan will be so loved and well-cared for by his slightly anxious, but absolutely loving parents. Best wishes to Sherry and Michael! I can't wait to meet little Michael!


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