Amy & Buay's Marriage Proposal, San Leandro

Date: 1-12-13 Catching up with posting pictures. This was a surprise proposal that included the bride-to-be's family and close friends, which was very important to her. I personally think a marriage proposal says a lot about a couple's relationship, especially about the groom-to-be. The amount of time, thoughts and planning that goes into a perfect marriage proposal is unbelievable. Adding to it the stress and angst of popping the most important question in your life... geez, I'm just glad I'd never have to do it! I digressed, Buay's proposal was a big surprise for his bride-to-be, Amy. He had the entire day planned out with the help of her family and friends. It was an honor to witness this beautiful moment and was able to capture it in my photos.

A&B_Wedding Proposal-1339 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1367 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1399 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1430 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1458 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1483 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1486 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1488 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1492 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1498 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1503 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1522 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1532 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1541 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1552 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1558