Saltos Family Holiday Photos, Menlo Park

December 7, 2013 I always love taking holiday photos at home. The Saltos family's beautiful and warm home was perfect for this photo session. Add to it the cutest and prettiest little princess who was great in front of the camera, the day was simply joyful and fun! I believe that the natural interactions and relationships that show up in these pictures are the purest and most beautiful kind of love in a family - these are moments you won't find in photos taken at a studio with bright lights flashing at you. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have a great new year!

Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6098 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6104 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6092

Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6114 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6129 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6142 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6163 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6188 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6230 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6267 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6282 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6302