Vincy & Brian: SF Westin St. Francis Wedding


It was an unforgettable day as my baby sister transformed into a beautiful, confident, and blissful bride. I was her matron of honor and also responsible for capturing some of the getting ready scenes. I only wish I could be her photographer for the whole day as it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've been in. Everyday knows how happy my sister has been since she got married. I hope her and Brian's newly wed bliss will last forever!

                            V&B_wedding_SF-5416 V&B_wedding_SF-5411 V&B_wedding_SF-5425

V&B_wedding_SF-5452 V&B_wedding_SF-5419V&B_wedding_SF-5464V&B_wedding_SF-5567

V&B_wedding_SF-5448V&B_wedding_SF-5523 V&B_wedding_SF-5527-2 V&B_wedding_SF-5531V&B_wedding_SF-5554V&B_wedding_SF-5536

V&B_wedding_SF-5591V&B_wedding_SF-5601 V&B_wedding_SF-5647V&B_wedding_SF-5646 V&B_wedding_SF-5655

V&B_wedding_SF-5662 V&B_wedding_SF-5672 V&B_wedding_SF-5682