Graduation Photos: Nicole

3-26-14 It was a delightful day for graduation photos for Nicole by her school at UC Hastings. The Civic Center and the court houses provided the perfect backdrop for this soon-to-be lawyer. I's always a great feeling to witness people's accomplishments. Especially when I'm in graduate school myself and understand too well how much hard work and dedication it requires. I'm SO happy that Nicole is finally at the end of the tunnel and will soon start an impressive career practicing law. Congratulations!

Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7632 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7628 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7630 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7632 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7639 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7697 copy Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7699 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7715 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7718 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7757-2 Nicole_UC Hastings_graduation-bay-area-photographer-7781