Long Beach Wedding: Patty & Dany

I still can't believe our little brother Dany is already married! The image of him as a 13-year-old boy and always the baby of the family makes it that much more difficult to see him as a grown up and a married man he is today. The wedding was small and intimate for this young couple in Long Beach, CA. Close family gathered to offer our most sincere blessings wishing Dany and Patty a lifetime of happiness. P&D_long_beach_wedding-7343 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7360 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7374 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7411 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7445 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7460 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7468 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7471 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7513 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7476 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7496 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7504 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7506 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7572