San Mateo Engagement Photos: Zankhana & Chris

Date: April 23, 2014 Location: San Mateo Central Park

Whoa, I have totally been slacking on posting new pictures... These engagement photos with Zankhana and Chris were definitely an enjoyable project. The fun loving couple brought Harry Potter brooms for props and used some branches as wands for some impromptu wand fights. It was also nice to hang around San Mateo Central Park and checked out the Japanese Garden there. Hope you like the photos!

ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-068-2 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-074 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-083 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-094 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-101 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-099 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-109 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-124 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-137 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-148 ZC-engagement-photo-san-mateo-184