Newborn Photos: Noah

Date: August 2014 Location: Castro Valley, CA

There's always so much joy when a new member join a family. It was an honor to witness that for Violet and her family. The baby Mikey I did his 1st birthday photos for is already going to pre-school and he's becoming a big brother! Noah is a cute, healthy baby with an intense and serious gaze, which only makes him cuter. It was a fun time capturing them and welcoming Noah to this young beautiful family.

Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9550 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9584 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9605 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9630 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9638 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9647 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9699 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9717 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9747-2 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9792