San Mateo Newborn Photos: Baby Rivaan

Date: August 2016

Location: San Mateo, CA

It's always a joy to take pictures of returning clients. From Almitra's first baby shower/maternity photos, to these newborn photos of her second baby, it is simply wonderful to witness her little family grow. I can't wait to capture more precious moments of these cute babies.

Foster City Maternity Photos: Karen, Ano & Justiniano

Date: October 2015 Location: Leo J. Ryan Park, Foster City

The back posting of photo sessions from last year continues...

The Monteiro family has been loyal supporters of Pichardo's Darkroom Photography for years. From Karen's first maternity photos, to first newborn photos of Justiniano, and now I was doing a maternity/family photo session with this beautiful family. It's always a blast to hang out with old friends and capture some precious images.

I look forward to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th maternity photo sessions with them! :P

Father's day

A father's love for their children is playful, protective, gentle, and unconditional. I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to capture some of the most intimate moments of these wonderful fathers. May all the loving fathers out there get a well-deserved, happy Father's Day!

Redwood City 1st Birthday Party: Luca

Date: September 2015 Location: Redwood City, CA

Babies grow up SOOO fast! From their maternity photos, to newborn photos, and then with a blink of an eye, Luca's already 1-year-old! This big handsome boy is so adorable!


Foster City Baby Portrait: Knox

Date: May 23, 2015 Location: Leo J Ryan Memorial Park, Foster City

It was a beautiful day to shoot Knox's one-year-old birthday portrait with his mommy and daddy. Baby Knox was busy playing and posing with his adorable toys. I love being able to capture little ones and their ever-changing expressions!

Danville Baby's 1st Birthday Portraits: Myles

Date: February 2015 Location: Sycamore Valley Park, Danville

I really need to update my blog more often with more recent works. This one is a shoot from the beginning of the year for my cute little godson's 1st birthday at Sycamore Valley Park. Myles, Sharon and I had a lot of fun hanging out. Mommy Sharon made these cute signs and put Myles in super adorable outfits. The cake smashing shots were so funny because Myles didn't even want to touch the cake because he didn't want to get his hands dirty. It was borderline torture to him when we put cream on his mouth and face, hahaha. He's just too darn cute!

Danville_baby_1st birthday_portraitDanville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait Danville_baby_1st birthday_portrait



Livermore Pumpkin Patch: Wong's Family Portrait

Date: November 2014 Location: G&M Farms, Livermore, CA

It was a fun day doing some holiday photos for the Wong family! Little Myles is growing up so fast, but somethings never change - his funny facial expressions! He cracks me up all the time with that cute little face. The day was a little too sunny for my taste, but I'm glad we were able to capture some fall colors and bright smiles with this lovely family. :) Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore_pumpkin_patch Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore Holiday_family_photo_Livermore

Newborn Photos: Luca

Date: September 2014 Location: Wise's residence, Redwood City

It was such a delight to photograph Luca! He was the first baby I have photographed who was actually sleeping for the first half of the shoot. He is such a cutie, so calm and such a good quiet baby! After 2 weeks as parents, Annette and Matt seem to have gotten the hang of things already. I was SOO happy for them and had such a good time photographing this lovely little family!

San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos San Francisco bay area newborn photos

Newborn Photos: Noah

Date: August 2014 Location: Castro Valley, CA

There's always so much joy when a new member join a family. It was an honor to witness that for Violet and her family. The baby Mikey I did his 1st birthday photos for is already going to pre-school and he's becoming a big brother! Noah is a cute, healthy baby with an intense and serious gaze, which only makes him cuter. It was a fun time capturing them and welcoming Noah to this young beautiful family.

Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9550 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9584 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9605 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9630 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9638 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9647 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9699 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9717 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9747-2 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9792

Children's birthday party: Kamila

Time flies when you're witnessing the growth of babies. I can't believe our niece, Kamila, already turned ONE! (a few months ago, I'm a little behind on updating the blog :P)  Her parents threw her an awesome party with family and her little friends, and I, of course, had to chronicle the special day for her. Children's birthday parties so much fun to shoot! Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8356 Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8425 Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8385 Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8439 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8472 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8507 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8517 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8534 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8608 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8641 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8659 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8722

San Mateo Newborn Photos: Justiniano

Date: July 7, 2014 Location: Karen & Ano's home in San Mateo

This baby boy was full of energy and character already at about a week old! He's definitely taken the beautiful features from his parents with his big round eyes and handsome face. It was a warm day at the house and baby Justiniano was probably too warm to fall asleep so he had his eyes wide open the entire time, even after feeding! It was so cute to see how even during his most dramatic cries, he was easily calmed and quieted by as simple a thing as his daddy's little pinky! This child is so blessed with the love and care from his family. I'm sure he will grow up to be a healthy and happy boy. Did I mention newborn photos are super difficult, but extremely rewarding? This photo session was a good example of that.

Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9327 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9328 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9338 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9353-2 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9361 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9369 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9431 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9438 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9452 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9489 Justiniano_newborn_photo_bay_area-9490

San Francisco Maternity Photos: Pui San, Lamar & Jaxon

Date: 6-15-2014 Location: Cupid's Span & Ferry Building in San Francisco

It's exciting to be adding little new members to a lovely family. It was sweet taking these maternity photos with Pui San and Lamar. Jaxon, their cute 20-month-old son, was fast asleep when we met up on Embarcadero in SF. So we first did some shots with the soon-to-be parents for the second time, at the Cupid's Span along embarcadero and on the piers. Getting to know the family and finding out all the connections we have made us wonder why we had just finally met! It's always good to see expecting mothers as beautiful and radiant as Pui San since it's always a great fear of mine that I'd be gigantic and immobile when I'm pregnant, haha. I had a good time shooting, talking about baby names, and trying to make a woken-up-from-a-nap toddler smile for the pictures. Hope you like these maternity photos!

San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity PhotographySan Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity PhotographySan Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography San Francisco Bay Area Maternity Photography

Myles: Newborn Photos

3-1-2014 At exactly one week old, Myles is as cute and adorable as I've ever seen! He is a healthy baby with so many different facial expressions. He was wide awake the whole time during the photo shoot and was eagerly looking around at all these strange people and this thing in front of him that keeps making clicking noises. Myles was pretty shy, as shown by protesting furiously against posing nude. He is such a cutie regardless and mom and dad are so happy with this little bundle of joy!

myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-6999 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7004 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7012 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7018 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7033 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7056 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7070 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7109 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7120 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7123 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7148

Sharon & Wilson: Maternity Photos

2-5-14 My godson is going to meet us any day now! Before his beautiful, cute little face take over the spot light, I of course have to capture some of the intimate and joyful moments of the expecting parents. Sharon and Wilson have been good friends of mine forever. I cannot be happier for them to embark on a new journey as parents. I hope Sharon has an easy breezy delivery and I can't wait to meet a healthy baby Myles!

S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6645 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6659 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6685 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6691 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6721 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6731 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6738 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6745 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6762 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6769 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6782 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6794 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6805 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6818S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6851 S&W maternity-san-francisco-bay-area-maternity-photographer-6855

Saltos Family Holiday Photos, Menlo Park

December 7, 2013 I always love taking holiday photos at home. The Saltos family's beautiful and warm home was perfect for this photo session. Add to it the cutest and prettiest little princess who was great in front of the camera, the day was simply joyful and fun! I believe that the natural interactions and relationships that show up in these pictures are the purest and most beautiful kind of love in a family - these are moments you won't find in photos taken at a studio with bright lights flashing at you. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have a great new year!

Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6098 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6104 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6092

Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6114 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6129 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6142 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6163 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6188 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6230 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6267 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6282 Saltos_holiday_photos_Menlo_Park-6302

Edgarsito's 3rd birthday party, Sunnyvale

July 21, 2013 Kids really grow up fast! It was Edgar's 3rd birthday and his parents planned a superhero themed party at Serra Park in Sunnyvale. The park was decorated with cool superhero figures, masks, cake, jello and so on. It was such a fun environment with kids in the jumper and shooting water at each other! It's been so great to witness this little guy's growth.

Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4007 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4013 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4015 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4040 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4059 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4106 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4119 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4130 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4173 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4185 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4222 Edgar-children's bday-birthday-party-superhero-theme-4229

Lozano's Family Portrait, Santa Cruz

June 1, 2013 It was a warm summer day by the beach with the Lozano family in Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect for the photo shoot of this beautiful family. Baby Angela was a natural model, but trying to capture her was a challenge as she was tirelessly running around. It reminded me how important candies or toys are in a photo shoot with a 2-year-old :-P.

Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-2994 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3003 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3017 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3031 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3041 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3067 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3114 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3202 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3267 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3309 Lozano family portrait_santa_cruz-3312

Val's Birthday Party at the Park, Palo Alto

April 7, 2013 It was a beautiful day in a warm, sunny park celebrating lovely Valentina's 3rd birthday. Children parties are always filled with laughter, sweets, colors, and lots of cuteness, this one was obviously not an exception. Val's wonderful parents, Lorena and Walter, planned a fun afternoon for their friends -  between the taco truck, face painting, balloon sculptures, and cookie icing, we all had a splendid time together. Here are some of the photos from that day.

Val-bday_children_photography-2515 Val-bday_children_photography-2516 Val_children_photography-2505 Val_children_photography-2494 Val-bday_children_photography-2565 Val_children_photography-2564 Val_children_photography-2554 Val_children_photography-2553 Val_children_photography-2549 Val_children_photography-2534 Val_children_photography-2532 Val-bday_children_photography-2544 Val-bday_children_photography-2590