Redwood City 1st Birthday Party: Luca

Date: September 2015 Location: Redwood City, CA

Babies grow up SOOO fast! From their maternity photos, to newborn photos, and then with a blink of an eye, Luca's already 1-year-old! This big handsome boy is so adorable!


Half Moon Bay Baby Shower: Almitra & Amit

Date: November 2014 Location: Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay

As I'm working on the photos of Almitra and Amit's super adorable baby daughter, I just realized how behind I am with updating my blog that I haven't even posted photos from their baby shower yet! It was a fun and sweet party with many friends of the lovely couple who came to congratulate them and celebrate the impending arrival of their little sweet heart.


SF City hall Wedding: Carmen & Edwin

October 2014 Locations: SF City Hall & Mountain View, CA

It was an honor to be photographing Carmen and Edwin's intimate and fun wedding. SF City Hall is one of the most stunning buildings in the city and the ambiance and lighting there are perfect for wedding photos. The lovely couple had their ceremony in front of their families and close friends at the hall and then headed back to the south bay for a fun, intimate party. It was a great night of celebration and the newly weds were showered with much love and blessings.

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Children's birthday party: Kamila

Time flies when you're witnessing the growth of babies. I can't believe our niece, Kamila, already turned ONE! (a few months ago, I'm a little behind on updating the blog :P)  Her parents threw her an awesome party with family and her little friends, and I, of course, had to chronicle the special day for her. Children's birthday parties so much fun to shoot! Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8356 Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8425 Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8385 Kamila_children_birthday_photography-8439 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8472 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8507 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8517 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8534 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8608 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8641 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8659 kamila_children_birthday_photography-8722

Long Beach Wedding: Patty & Dany

I still can't believe our little brother Dany is already married! The image of him as a 13-year-old boy and always the baby of the family makes it that much more difficult to see him as a grown up and a married man he is today. The wedding was small and intimate for this young couple in Long Beach, CA. Close family gathered to offer our most sincere blessings wishing Dany and Patty a lifetime of happiness. P&D_long_beach_wedding-7343 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7360 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7374 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7411 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7445 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7460 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7468 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7471 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7513 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7476 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7496 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7504 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7506 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7572

Vincy & Brian: SF Westin St. Francis Wedding


It was an unforgettable day as my baby sister transformed into a beautiful, confident, and blissful bride. I was her matron of honor and also responsible for capturing some of the getting ready scenes. I only wish I could be her photographer for the whole day as it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've been in. Everyday knows how happy my sister has been since she got married. I hope her and Brian's newly wed bliss will last forever!

                            V&B_wedding_SF-5416 V&B_wedding_SF-5411 V&B_wedding_SF-5425

V&B_wedding_SF-5452 V&B_wedding_SF-5419V&B_wedding_SF-5464V&B_wedding_SF-5567

V&B_wedding_SF-5448V&B_wedding_SF-5523 V&B_wedding_SF-5527-2 V&B_wedding_SF-5531V&B_wedding_SF-5554V&B_wedding_SF-5536

V&B_wedding_SF-5591V&B_wedding_SF-5601 V&B_wedding_SF-5647V&B_wedding_SF-5646 V&B_wedding_SF-5655

V&B_wedding_SF-5662 V&B_wedding_SF-5672 V&B_wedding_SF-5682

Val's Birthday Party at the Park, Palo Alto

April 7, 2013 It was a beautiful day in a warm, sunny park celebrating lovely Valentina's 3rd birthday. Children parties are always filled with laughter, sweets, colors, and lots of cuteness, this one was obviously not an exception. Val's wonderful parents, Lorena and Walter, planned a fun afternoon for their friends -  between the taco truck, face painting, balloon sculptures, and cookie icing, we all had a splendid time together. Here are some of the photos from that day.

Val-bday_children_photography-2515 Val-bday_children_photography-2516 Val_children_photography-2505 Val_children_photography-2494 Val-bday_children_photography-2565 Val_children_photography-2564 Val_children_photography-2554 Val_children_photography-2553 Val_children_photography-2549 Val_children_photography-2534 Val_children_photography-2532 Val-bday_children_photography-2544 Val-bday_children_photography-2590

Mikey's 1st Birthday Costume Party, Hayward, CA

Oct 14: sneak peek from last week's birthday party. Little Mikey's beautiful parents and family threw a costume party for his precious first birthday. It was such a pleasure to shoot for the family on such a special day :-)

Bachelorette Party in Napa Valley, CA

March 31:  S's memorable bachelorette party in Napa. Our dear friend and her fiance are finally tying the knot after 8 long years. Their glamorous wedding will be on May 20th and a fun filled Napa get-a-way was the best way to celebrate her engagement and send her off to a life time of happiness.

This was one of the first times I started using my Sony Nex camera seriously. The shots were not without flaws, but I learned a lot from shooting that night.