SF City hall Wedding: Carmen & Edwin

October 2014 Locations: SF City Hall & Mountain View, CA

It was an honor to be photographing Carmen and Edwin's intimate and fun wedding. SF City Hall is one of the most stunning buildings in the city and the ambiance and lighting there are perfect for wedding photos. The lovely couple had their ceremony in front of their families and close friends at the hall and then headed back to the south bay for a fun, intimate party. It was a great night of celebration and the newly weds were showered with much love and blessings.

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Long Beach Wedding: Patty & Dany

I still can't believe our little brother Dany is already married! The image of him as a 13-year-old boy and always the baby of the family makes it that much more difficult to see him as a grown up and a married man he is today. The wedding was small and intimate for this young couple in Long Beach, CA. Close family gathered to offer our most sincere blessings wishing Dany and Patty a lifetime of happiness. P&D_long_beach_wedding-7343 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7360 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7374 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7411 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7445 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7460 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7468 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7471 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7513 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7476 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7496 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7504 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7506 P&D_long_beach_wedding-7572

Hayward Wedding Family Portrait: Myra & Gerund

Location: Hayward Japanese garden It's always a misfortune when weather does not allow for perfect wedding photos on your wedding day. Unfortunately that's what happened to Myra and Gerund's outdoor wedding in February. It was a big regret for Myra that she didn't get to take portraits with her  family in the outdoors on her wedding day, so she sought me out for the job when she learned of her family getting together again. We had great fun at the beautiful garden and best of all, now Myra's wedding is finally completed with photos with her beloved family.

MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7799 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7813 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7814 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7821 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7850 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7833 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7857 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7873 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7973 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7975 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-7981 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-8006 MG-wedding-family-portrait-hayward-japanese-garden-8015

San Francisco Engagement Photos: Ann & Wonski

Location: SF Fort Point, Warming Hut Cafe San Francisco has countless spots for great engagement photos. This time we headed to Fort Point and Torpedo Wharf area for some outdoor pictures as well as sweet scenes at the Warming Hut Cafe. The cute couple met at work in Beijing and continued their love story as Wonski left to work back in Hong Kong. On the day of the engagement shoot, the groom-to-be, also a car-lover,  rented a red convertible r as props! It must have been the fanciest prop I have used for my photo shoot! The beautiful bride-to-be was a natural with poses and expressions, while Wonski had quite a bit of difficulties with where to put his hands, haha. All in all, it was another fun-filled photo shoot with lots of laughters and awwe moments.

A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5732A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5753 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5778 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5780 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5806 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5837 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5878 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5895 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5933 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5937 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5940 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-5959 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-6017 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-6031 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-6037 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-6046 A&W_san francisco_engagement_photo-6076

Vincy & Brian: SF Westin St. Francis Wedding


It was an unforgettable day as my baby sister transformed into a beautiful, confident, and blissful bride. I was her matron of honor and also responsible for capturing some of the getting ready scenes. I only wish I could be her photographer for the whole day as it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've been in. Everyday knows how happy my sister has been since she got married. I hope her and Brian's newly wed bliss will last forever!

                            V&B_wedding_SF-5416 V&B_wedding_SF-5411 V&B_wedding_SF-5425

V&B_wedding_SF-5452 V&B_wedding_SF-5419V&B_wedding_SF-5464V&B_wedding_SF-5567

V&B_wedding_SF-5448V&B_wedding_SF-5523 V&B_wedding_SF-5527-2 V&B_wedding_SF-5531V&B_wedding_SF-5554V&B_wedding_SF-5536

V&B_wedding_SF-5591V&B_wedding_SF-5601 V&B_wedding_SF-5647V&B_wedding_SF-5646 V&B_wedding_SF-5655

V&B_wedding_SF-5662 V&B_wedding_SF-5672 V&B_wedding_SF-5682

Ena and Edem Engagement Photos, San Francisco

November 16, 2013 Another successful story of how a long-distance relationship turns into a life-long partnership as Ena and Edem prepare for their wedding in December. It is always an honor to get referrals from my previous clients. It was great getting to know Ena and Edem and their love story. The day did not turn out quite as planned, but the detour we took gave me the opportunity to witness the joy of a bride-to-be when she first saw her engagement ring. It was such an intimate and emotional moment. I hope you enjoy these photos we took at the ferry building, palace of fine art, and union square in San Francisco. Congrats again to the sweet couple!

Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5177Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5169Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5181

Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5192 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5211 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5232 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5245 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5261 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5264 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5267 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5271 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5277 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5291 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5294 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5303 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5329 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5349 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5357 Ena&Edem_engagement photos_San Francisco-5351


Vincy and Brian's Engagement Photos, Sausalito

September 22, 2013

My little sister is getting married! and of course I have to take some engagement photos for her and her fiancé. Having met Brian at the dorms in my freshmen year of college, I would have never imagined him to become a part of my own family some day.  I am happy for my sister that she has found someone to spend the rest of her life with. It is surreal to witness them dating, engaged and now about to get married.  We planned this photo shoot so they can take some time off of the hectic wedding planning, get out and have some fun.  We started the sunny day off in San Francisco and then headed over to Sausalito's Cavallo's Point, the Marin headlands, and the Pier in Downtown Sausalito.  It was a fun day and I'm surprised how much Brian was willing to cooperate :)

vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4778 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4872 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4932 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4942 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4957 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4994 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-4998 vincy&brian_engagement photos_Sausalito-5053


Claudia & Ramon's Wedding, Hayward

Date: 2-2-13 Ceremony: Hayward Japanese Garden

Reception: Hayward Senior Center

This wedding was my first referral from a client. It is truly the biggest compliment when Violet trusts and appreciates my work enough to refer her families and friends to my services. I was so happy to be working with Claudia and Ramon on their special day. The day was over-cast, which was perfect for outdoor photos. The small, simple ceremony by the pond was intimate and emotional and the reception was full of great food, music and dancing. It was a beautiful and memorable night.

CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1673 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1695 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1707 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1721 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1723 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1741 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1756 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1769 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1784 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1792 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1797 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1810 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1819 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1832 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1854 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1863 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1872 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1885 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1911 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1917 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1925 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1952 CR Wedding_Hayward_Japanese Garden-1965

Amy & Buay's Marriage Proposal, San Leandro

Date: 1-12-13 Catching up with posting pictures. This was a surprise proposal that included the bride-to-be's family and close friends, which was very important to her. I personally think a marriage proposal says a lot about a couple's relationship, especially about the groom-to-be. The amount of time, thoughts and planning that goes into a perfect marriage proposal is unbelievable. Adding to it the stress and angst of popping the most important question in your life... geez, I'm just glad I'd never have to do it! I digressed, Buay's proposal was a big surprise for his bride-to-be, Amy. He had the entire day planned out with the help of her family and friends. It was an honor to witness this beautiful moment and was able to capture it in my photos.

A&B_Wedding Proposal-1339 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1367 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1399 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1430 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1458 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1483 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1486 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1488 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1492 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1498 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1503 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1522 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1532 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1541 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1552 A&B_Wedding Proposal-1558

Mariel & Jose's Wedding, Palo Alto

Date: 11-17-2012 Ceremony and Reception: Macarthur Park, Palo Alto

Flowers and Decorations: Natalia Mansour

A simple, elegant, and intimate wedding with their dearest friends and families. I call it fate when 2 people have a second chance to the love of their lives after 20 years of not seeing each other and living in two different countries. Mariel and Jose have vowed to love and care for each other and celebrated their union with good food, warm laughters and fun dancing.

J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0216 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0276 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0334 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0351 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0456 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0498 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0543 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0655 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0695 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0705 J&M Wedding_Palo_Alto-0725