Oakland Newborn Photos: Baby Kellan

Date: June 2016

Location: Kellan's home

It's best to take newborn photos within the first 2 weeks after birth, however, it is always hard for new parents to have it together enough during this frantic time to look for, and book a photographer to do the baby's first photo shoot. Luckily, when mom reached out to schedule the shoot, I happened to have the weekend available, and newborn photo shoot is one of my favorite jobs.

Baby Kellan is one of the calmest babies I have the pleasure to photograph. He was chill and quiet even though I was constantly waking him up with the clicking noise of the camera. He gave me all kinds of adorable expressions, and I love that I was able to capture some candid moments with mommy and daddy too.

Hayward Newborn Photos: Gianni

Date: July 2015 Location: Hayward, CA

The debut of my own little baby, Gianni. He was born prematurely, so he had to stay at the NICU for a few weeks. He was about 1-month-old here. It was a different experience taking pictures of my baby because I definitely know him better, so I know when he was about to smile, or when he was going to get fussy. He was in such a deep sleep that day I was only able to get a couple pictures with his eyes opened.

Newborn Photos: Noah

Date: August 2014 Location: Castro Valley, CA

There's always so much joy when a new member join a family. It was an honor to witness that for Violet and her family. The baby Mikey I did his 1st birthday photos for is already going to pre-school and he's becoming a big brother! Noah is a cute, healthy baby with an intense and serious gaze, which only makes him cuter. It was a fun time capturing them and welcoming Noah to this young beautiful family.

Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9550 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9584 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9605 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9630 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9638 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9647 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9699 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9717 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9747-2 Noah_bay_area_newborn_portait-9792

Myles: Newborn Photos

3-1-2014 At exactly one week old, Myles is as cute and adorable as I've ever seen! He is a healthy baby with so many different facial expressions. He was wide awake the whole time during the photo shoot and was eagerly looking around at all these strange people and this thing in front of him that keeps making clicking noises. Myles was pretty shy, as shown by protesting furiously against posing nude. He is such a cutie regardless and mom and dad are so happy with this little bundle of joy!

myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-6999 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7004 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7012 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7018 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7033 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7056 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7070 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7109 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7120 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7123 myles_bay_area_newborn_photography-7148